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    JB Danquah calls for visible and competent leadership in Subin

    Joseph Boakye Danquah, an aspirant of Subin constituency in the Ashanti Region, has called for a visible leader who is committed to community development through people development.

    In an exclusive interview on Kumasi based Akoma FM, JB Danquah insisted that Subin constituency needs a leader who is willing to work with the people to address their immediate needs and concerns.

    "Subin needs a leader who is visible and accessible. We need a leader who will work with us to create jobs, improve small-scale businesses and make our community a better place to live," he asserted.

    In a thinly veiled attack, the former Chairman of the NPP Minnesota Chapter, USA, described the incumbent MP, Eugene Boakye Antwi, as a non- performing assets, who has failed to champion the needs of the residents.

    "The incumbent MP is only visible during election time. The people of Subin deserve better. They deserve a leader who respects them and who is committed to their development."

    JB Danquah's comments have roundly been welcomed by a section of the constituents, who have vehemently criticised the MP for neglect.

    It is unclear whether Mr Danquah's comments will have any impact on the outcome of the 2024 parliamentary election in the area.

    However, they have certainly started a conversation about the constituency's development and the role of the MP in that development.

    Unemployment in Subin

    JB Danquah also highlighted the issue of unemployment in Subin, saying that it is the biggest problem facing the constituency.

    He pledged to create jobs if he is elected MP.

    "Unemployment is the biggest problem in Subin. "I will work with the government and local businesses to create jobs for our people.

    " I will also support vocational training so that our people can learn the skills they need to get good jobs."

    JB Danquah's comments about the need for a visible leader committed to community development and people development are likely to resonate with some voters in Subin, who may be frustrated with the incumbent MP's perceived neglect of the constituency.

    His pledge to create jobs is also likely to appeal to voters, who are concerned about the high rate of unemployment in Subin.

    Overall, Mr Danquah is a serious contender in the upcoming election in Subin constituency. 

    His comments about the issues facing the constituency and his plans to address them are likely to appeal to some voters. 

    However, he will need to develop a clear and realist plan for how he will achieve his goals if he is elected to office.

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