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    Hajia4Reall took over US$2million from 6 victims using 5 bank accounts – Fresh reports

    Court reports reveal that Hajia4Reall maintained five foreign bank accounts in which she accumulated money obtained from six victims.

    According to a set of court documents produced by Gossips24 Avenue, the socialite opened some five bank accounts under the name of different non-existing business ventures, in three different banks in Bronx, New York.

    Labeled the ‘Montrage Accounts’ and numbered from Account 1 to Account 5, the court gave a breakdown of the five bank accounts and how Hajia4Reall operated them.

    Per the findings presented to the court, Accounts 1 and 3 were business accounts held in the name of ‘Mona Montrage DBA 4Reall Designs,” a purported home-based sole proprietorship beauty supply store.

    She was the sole signatory on Account 1 and Account 3 which were opened on May 23 2018 and September 15, 2016, respectively.

    However, there appeared to be no transactions in the said account, in connection to beauty supplies.

    Accounts 2, 4, and 5 were bank accounts held in the name of “Mona Faiz Montrage”. According to the investigations, the sole signatory on Account 2 was initially solely “Montrage”, until another individual was added to it (Individual 2).

    Aside from Account 4, the sole signatories to Account 2 and 5 subsequently multiplied. it was disclosed that between or about December 31, 2013, and October 15, 2019, the Montrage accounts had deposits that totaled $2, 165, 000.

    Withdrawals of about $2, 096,000 were subsequently made from the said accounts. A majority of such deposits were in cash and international wire transfers to Ghana.

    That is not all, a romance scheme in which she allegedly defrauded a 70-year-old woman was uncovered.

    Under the guise of a male, she allegedly established an online relationship with the victim and claimed that she needed financial assistance to transport gold from overseas to the United States. She instructed the victim to send a check to a bank account in the name of “4Reall Designs.”

    She also asked the victim to state that the funds were meant for an investment. The victim heeded and sent $195,000 from a bank account in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, through the ‘Montrage Account 3.’

    The victim never received her money back or any returns on her supposed investment.

    Using the same strategy, another victim also sent $182,000 to the ‘Montrage Account 1’.

    Afterward, another victim, a sixty-year-old man entered into an online relationship with Mona, and he later received a fake marriage certificate as proof that they were recognizably married in Ghana.

    Mona subsequently asked for huge sums of money from the victim to help support her father’s farm in Ghana.

    The victim is said to have sent 82 wire transfers from Converse, Texas to Accra, Ghana, totaling $89,000 through Moneygram, addressed to Mona and the victim’s last name.

    Check out the documents and video below for the other findings:


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