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    Meet Mrs Araba Swaniker: The face of little girl behind ‘My First Copy Book’ – PHOTO

    Finally, the face behind the beloved educational handwriting tool, ‘My First Copy Book,’ that has helped dozens of Ghanaian to learn the alphabet and improve handwriting skills, has been revealed and Ghanaians are stunned.

    Mrs Araba Swaniker has been revealed as the mystery child whose image has graced countless copies of the book thanks to a social media revelation by her sister, Franka-Maria.

    According to Franka Maria, the original photograph was taken decades ago by an American photographer called Willis Eugene Bell who as at that time was a prominent figure in portrait photography.

    In an effort to recreate the iconic image, the family enlisted the expertise of renowned Ghanaian photographer Ben Adu, who captured the captivating moment.

    The photo shoot is a significant piece of documentation, unveiling the woman who unknowingly became the symbol of early education for generations of Ghanaian children.


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