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    Galamsey making our waters thicker like milo tea – Sophia Akuffo

    The former Chief Justice Her Ladyship Justice, Sophia Akuffo has stated that the government has failed in the fight against illegal mining also known as galamsey.

    Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, madam Akuffo stated that the galamsey activities have made Ghana’s water bodies as thick as milo tea.

    “The waters are getting ticker and ticker. It used to be like coffee, but now it’s like thick chocolate. It is like the kind of cocoa drink we used to make during our boarding school, about eight spoons of milo. Then you add two drops of milk to it and it is thick.

    “Sometimes I watch things on the TV and I ask whether we are thinking about our grandchildren. As for my daughter, I think she is being polluted. She has drunk all the pollution and all that. But her children shouldn’t have to and not her grandchildren no,” Madam Akuffo stated.

    According to her, the governance in the country has been in crisis for some time now.


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