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    Sing-a-thon: Afua Asantewaa’s Guinness World Record attempt ends

    Afua Asantewaa has concluded her Guinness World Record attempt to break the record for the longest individual singing marathon.

    To surpass the existing 105 hours set by an Indian in 2012, Afua Asantewaa endured a five-day singing marathon that commenced at midnight on Sunday, December 24 and concluded at 7:00 am on December 29.

    At the time of ending her record attempt on Friday morning, the young woman had sung for five days, six hours, and 55 minutes.

    While addressing the public after her remarkable feat, Afua Asantewaa expressed gratitude to everyone who supported her, including those who showed up at the Akwaaba Village and those who could not.

    “At a point, I kept asking which day it was, and I finally got to know that today is Friday. On behalf of my family, team, volunteers, the media, and Ghana Tourism Authority, I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in this attempt; it has been a smooth journey and a very successful one,” she noted.

    The young woman hopes that her efforts will have a positive impact on Ghana's music industry and inspire youth to embrace more challenges, stating, “there are a lot of things you can try.”

    “Thank you to the Vice President and every person; the list is endless…I am thankful to everyone and hope to see you this evening as we celebrate.”

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