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    I hope this sing-a-thon inspires the youth to take on more challenges – Afua Asantewaa

    Afua Asantewaa is hoping that her Guinness World Record attempt to beat the longest individual singing marathon inspires the youth of today to take on more challenges.

    In her address at the end of the attempt, she said that there were many challenges people could take on and many other things they could do.

    Afua Asantewaa noted that she did not want people to stay boxed in.

    The young woman had taken on the challenge to beat the existing record which stands at 105 hours set in 2012.

     Asantewaa endured a five-day singing marathon which began at midnight on Sunday, December 24 and ended at 7:00 am on December 29.

    At the time she ended her record attempt on Friday morning, the young woman had sung for five days, six hours and 55 minutes.

    Ending her record attempt on an emotional note, Afua Asantewaa sang Osibisa’s ‘Woyaya’.

    The national anthem was later played to honour her and celebrate her efforts.

    Afua Santewaa said she was thankful to everyone, including political figures and celebrities, who supported her, those who showed up at the Akwaaba Village and those who could not.

    Meanwhile, a party will be held on Friday evening to celebrate Efua Asantewaa.

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