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    ‘I Went To Fadda Dickson To Apologize But …’ – Funny Face Discloses

    In the last few hours, comedian and skit maker, Funny Face has been trending on social media after he shared an emotional post to reveal how he is currently struggling to make ends meat because of certain bad choices he made when had his mental breakdown about four years ago when the issue with his ex-wife popped up.

    In the post he shared, Funny Face accused some of his colleagues of sabotaging him by telling brands who want to work with him not to do so.

    The ‘Cow And Chicken’ drama series creator also added that because of the dire financial situation he finds himself in currently, he has not been able to master the courage to go see his daughter who are in Kumasi because he cannot afford to see them empty-handed.

    As the reactions continue to pour in on his social media pages to these revelations he made, one netizen called Amobiyee Naa advised that one thing he can do to get back to his period of grace is to go round and apologise to all the influential people he insulted when he was having his mental issues even though these people at various times extended him a lot of help.

    In response to this post, Funny Face disclosed that he had already gone round to apologise to Bola Ray, Emmanuel Adebayor, and Fadda Dickson.

    He was quick to add that while Bola Ray and Emmanuel Adebayor accepted his apology, Fadda Dickson on the other hand sacked him and stressed he did want to see him.

    Funny Face further indicated that he actually understand Fadda Dickson because he is human and was obviously pained that he said those things about him at the time he went on rampage.

    He prayed that Fadda Dickson heals soon from the pains he caused him with his words and forgive him.


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