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    Prof Frimpong Boateng denies predicting deaths from heart diseases in Ghana

    Former Minister of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng who is also a physician and cardiothoracic surgeon, has denied reports that he predicted the number of people who are going to die of heart diseases in Ghana.

    He said for several weeks now, he had been inundated with many calls with concerns about various “nefarious online activities” with his name and pictures.

    For months, he said, these “criminals” have been using not only his pictures but also Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated voices purported to be his to sell fake drugs and nutritional supplements.

    These “criminal elements,” he added, have gone further to publish fake news stories claiming I had predicted that more than 50,000 people will die of heart disease in Ghana by end of 2023.

    “The story went further to advertise various fake drugs they claim I have used to treat people with several listed conditions. I wish to state and place on record that, I have not predicted nor granted any interview to any media outlet about the number of people going to die from heart diseases in Ghana. I have equally not granted any media interview indicating to people my unique treatment methods for various chronic disease,” he said in a statement.

    He has therefore filed a complaint at the Police Criminal Investigative Department for action to be taken on this matter.

    “These stories are not only fake but criminal with sole intent to deceive the general public with my reputation being put on the line.

    “I have lodged complaints at the CID headquarters about these fake adverts with my name, and though little has been done, it is my hope these criminals will be brought to book.I urge the general public to disregard any advert with my image or name soliciting people to purchase drugs for various illnesses,” his statement said.

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