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    Bawumia Will Retire Mahama - Tema MCE

    The Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tema, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, has reiterated his firm belief that Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia will win the 2024 presidential election and thus make it impossible for former president John Mahama to return to the presidency.

    In an interview with journalists in Accra, the MCE said Dr. Bawumia will, by doing so, to force Mr. Mahama into retirement.

    “The Mahama brand lost its value almost eight years ago when he lost the 2016 election with a margin of almost one million votes,” said Hon. Amarh Ashitey.

    According to him, “under normal circumstances, Mr. Mahama ought to have retired a long time ago, especially after he had lost the 2020 elections too by over 500,000 votes.”

    However, Mr. Mahama did not, because according to the brilliant MCE, “he still has false hopes that Ghanaians want him to be president again. This is what has set him up to be retired by Dr. Bawumia,” the MCE said.

    Providing analysis, he pointed out that Mr. Mahama has never really won presidential elections on the strength of his own brand before.

    “In 2012, the victory was on the back of the strong brand of late former President John Evans Atta Mills, this is what won Mr. Mahama the election.

    “However, in 2016, his election campaign was on the basis of the strength of his own brand and we all know what happened,” the MCE said.

    He added that the unattractiveness of the Mahama brand was also the reason he lost the 2020 elections by almost 500,000 votes.

    “Compared to Dr. Bawumia, everybody knows that the strength of his brand made a huge difference in the campaign of President Akufo-Addo to win elections from opposition in 2016.”

    The MCE added that, “and so in this 2024 election, what we will be having is a matching of Bawumia who has a strong, winsome brand to that of Mahama who has a weak brand that has never been attractive to voters before.”

    According to the MCE, Dr. Bazwumia will beat John Mahama by not less than 200,000 votes.

    “It is not going to be one million votes because you have to factor in the fact that we are breaking the eight and in this country, breaking the eight has never happened before,” Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey said.

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