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    McBrown, Emelia Brobbey, Akrobeto and Kwaku Manu hate Lilwin- Kumawood Director

    Popular Kumawood movie director who doubles as a producer, Famous has caused a stir online.

    The movie producer has disclosed why popular Ghanaian actresses and actors are not featured in Lilwin’s much-anticipated movie, “A country called Ghana”.

    Speaking in an interview on One Ghana Television monitored by Ghoage.com, Famous revealed that there is no love among the actors and actresses in Ghana.

    He noted that the actor cum musician has been producing his movies for the past five years, however, most of his colleagues, mentioning names like McBrown, Akrobeto, Emelia Brobbey, Kwaku Manu, just to mention a few have not been featured in any of Lilwin’s produced movie.

    Revealing why the aforementioned personalities were not cast in Lilwin’s movies, director Famous said they hate the popular comic actor.

    Director Famous did not state precisely why the aforementioned personalities hate their colleagues, he revealed that there have been instances where Lilwin contacted them to feature them, however, they refused.


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