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    Funny Face is old but lacks sense- angry Vannessa’s brothers speak

    The Mystic Twins, brothers of Vannessa, baby mama of comic Ghanaian actor Funny Face have dragged him for being immature over issues.

    Mystic Twins revealed during an interview with Zionfelix that Funny Face has no mental problem, as has been said by many Ghanaians.

    According to them, the actor cum musician does things for public sympathy so that if possible, he could get favor from some bigwigs.

    The duo disclosed that what Funny Face is doing is very annoying and that if they were to comment on it, Ghanaians might say they are raining insults on the actor because Vannessa is their sister.

    They went on to say that Funny Face is old, however, he lacks common sense and acts like he is a kid.

    They revealed that to them, God did not finish creating Funny Face, hence, he is old but immature.


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