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    People need to be shot, others locked up over state of the economy – Reggie Rockstone

    Hip-life legend Reggie Rockstone has called for a drastic approach in dealing with the current economic situation in Ghana and across Africa.

    According to him, Africa is currently suffering from serious imperialism and neocolonialism.

    “Maybe the worst ever, and its not just Ghana- it’s Africa – it’s f*cked up, excuse my language. I mean, with the exception of my brother with his red beret, you know what I am talking about: who is giving France a hard time. If we were all to tune in to them young brothers, then we might move different.

    “Africa on the whole is moving sideways, Ghana is not doing too good, and I don’t want to hear no NPP and NDC,” he stated during a recent appearance on the Unkut Show hosted by rapper D-Black.

    Asked what he would change to address the current situation, Rockstone suggested a more drastic approach, including jailing and executing individuals responsible for the current economic situation while living lavishly at the citizenry’s expense.

    “What would I change? Everything! They need to lock some people up. You could begin with that; that’s a deterrent. That’s the only way, black people; that’s how we rock. Especially we Africans, You’ve got to show them. Lock some folks up; some people have got to be shot.

    “In saying this, it might sound too drastic to you but do you realise how many people poverty kills? And you’ve got folks out here living the life; folks out here living lavish. Listen when somebody dies because they cannot afford hospital treatment that’s murder.

    “So you are killing folks. So yeah, I can easily say I want to see you get shot at the beach… It might sound harsh right now until you start to think about it. I am not feeling Ghana right now,” he stated.

    He noted that despite the severity of the current situation, music and entertainment distract the masses, who are also easily swayed by sensational issues instead of paying attention to issues that matter.


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