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    Is that how senior brothers behave? – Murtala clashes with Inusah Fuseini

    Current Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala and his predecessor Alhaji Inusah Fuseini have clashed after latter made statements deemed unacceptable by Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed pertaining to a private conversation they had.

    While Inusah Fuseini was live on  Pan-African TV as a guest, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed phoned in to register his displeasure regarding Alhaji Inusah’s revelations of how he had called him when his car got impounded in apparent reaction to  an earlier statement by Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed to the effect that he had never sought Inusah Fuseini’s legal advice.

    Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed stressed that his statement was not targeted at Inusah Fuseini and rather than reveal private conversations they had had,  Inusah Fuseini should have verified the information he heard by  calling the TV station in question or him. He insisted that Mr Inusah’s behaviour was unbecoming of an elder brother.

    “I thought what senior brothers do is he easily could have called the station to find out whether I mentioned his name or at least call me. My kid brother, this is what I have heard you said. And I felt if he had done that, you people would have told him I never mentioned his name on the program. I would have told him I never mentioned his name on the program.

    Now for him to come on the program and say they told him but he doesn’t think I was talking about him. And when I heard him say that I ever sought his legal advice when my car was impounded is the lowest I will expect from a senior brother such as him,” he fumed.

    He wondered why Inusah Fuseini would talk about a private conversation they had in public asking whether that was how senior brothers should behave towards younger brother.

    But Alhaji Inusah Fuseini maintained that he did not mention his name in bad faith and seemed to be at a loss as why he was unhappy.


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