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    NDC Man of God wants Ashai Odamtten to go unopposed

    A respected man of God within the Tema Metropolis, Apostle Dr. Dr. Eric Emefa Agbogedenu is calling on the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to allow its Member of Parliament for Tema East, Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten, to go unopposed in the party’s Parliamentary primary for 2024.

    In an interview with journalists in Accra, Dr. Apostle Agbogedenu, who is the Senior Prelate at Faith Chapel International,  said the NDC has an absolutely winsome candidate in Hon. Ashai Odamtten and that replacing him will not only be unwise, but also amount to a robbing of the people of Tema East.

    “It is my humble opinion that you do not change a winning team and also, if something is not broken, you do not fix it. Hon. Ashai Odamtten is the most winsome person for the NDC in Tema East at the moment with a track record that is not broken in any way.

    Therefore, I would not hesitate at all to recommend that he be repeated,” the man of God said.

    Hon. Ashai Odamtten has had a fantastic three years in Parliament after leading the NDC to unseat the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s Nii Kwartei Titus Glover in the 2020 elections.
    The unseating of Titus Glover was epic because the Tema East constituency had for a long time been in the clutches of the NPP.However, what is probably even more outstanding about the Ashai Odamtten victory is that since becoming MP, he has endeared the party to the constituency with an all embracing leadership style.

     He has also brought the people a lot of infrastructural development that has placed the NDC in good position to win re-election in 2024.“under Hon. Ashai Odamtten, we have had more of our roads asphalted in Tema,” Apostle Dr. Agbogedenu said.

    He points out that this resourcefulness is a continuation of what Hon. Ashai Odamtten demonstrated when he was in office as Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE).

    “Under him as MCE we had school blocks, libraries, new drains and a Police station and other infrastructural projects being put up in Tema,” he said adding that Hon. Ashai Odamtten is also a man of very good social skills.

    “During Homowo festival, he provides food to all the 23 clan houses in Tema in solidarity. Then during Kpeledjoo festival, he assists the chiefs and people.

    “Isaac Ashai Odamtten is also someone who has been very much in touch with the constituents – he fellowships with Christians in Tema and when our Muslim brothers and sisters have festivals, he shows love.As a teacher, he has taught many of the people in the constituency,” the man of God said.

    He also pointed out that the MP is in touch with the youth of the constituency, organizing gala football matches to foster unity, helping the fisherfolk acquire outboard motors, helping young people to acquire employable skills including giving out some 200 sewing machines and assisting people to get jobs.

     Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten, who is affectionately called by some party executives and assembly members as Mr. Asphalt because of the mega asphalt roads that were constructed in the Metropolis during his tenure as MCE, enjoys massive support and would automatically bag the lion’s share of the total valid votes cast on the day of the Tema East NDC primary.

    The man of God pointed out that Ashai Odamtten, who is a former Board Member of Mansectech, Bank Manager, footballer, teacher, former MCE and former NALAG president, but had started out in life as a truck pusher and later a canoe fisherman, is richly experienced for the position and has a personality that resonates across all ages.

     Hon. Ashai Odamtten, who received his carpentry training at the Kaneshie Technical School before climbing the academic ladder to do his master’s degree in a reputable university, is liked by many because of his God fearing nature. 

    He is the only one in the history of Tema East NDC in opposition who has shown love to all the branch executives of the constituency during Christmas and Islamic festivities. He has a wonderful human relationship and cuts across all social lines.

    “I don’t expect everyone to like Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten because Luke 6:26 says, “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you,”Apostle Dr. Agbogedenu said.

    Meanwhile, Apostle Dr. Agbogedenu who is a party man as well says he is in touch with delegates and knows that the incumbent MP will win easily to contest for MP again on the ticket.

    “If a vote is held today, he will win by a landslide. I do not think it is necessary at all to hold the primaries as it will be a waste of resources. I therefore urge the party’s leadership to let him go unopposed,” the man of God said.

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