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    OSP exposes Cecilia Dapaah’s 2 skincare companies ‘owned via proxies’

    The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has told an Accra High Court about how embattled former sanitation minister Cecilia Dapaah claimed ownership of two skin care companies that were registered in the names of two different personalities.

    The OSP also disclosed in court filings published in the media on September 19, 2023; that registration of one of the companies also led to the minister’s address.

    Cecilia Dapaah had explained that an amount of over GH¢2.8 million the OSP found at her residence during a search were proceeds from a business, her sitting allowances as a government appointee and funeral donations.

    Details about the two companies:

    The business in question is a cosmetics company that she allegedly owned, known as Dermacare Cosmetics.

    Yet, when the OSP run a check on its registration details, he found that the company in question was registered in the name of another person.

    They found another Dermacare Enterprise also registered in Dapaah’s name and which address was the minister’s but again, ownership was vested in a different person.

    Ms. Dapaah, the OSP said had also confirmed that some of the monies were from sale of Dermacare Cosmetics business in 2003, yet, the OSP observed that the said sums were in new currencies which were introduced in 2007, four clear years after the alleged sale.

    OSP again run a check on the business and realised that Dermacare Cosmetics was registered in 2018.

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