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    My campaign has forced Gomoa Central MP to fix problems in the constituency – A Plus

    Political activist and social commentator, Kwame Obeng Asare popularly known as A Plus has claimed that the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) in the Gomoa Central constituency, Naana Eyiah Quansah has been attending to pressing issues confronting the residents following his decision to contest in the 2024 elections.

    He noted that the Gomoa East MP had refused to heed the cries of the constituents for a long time until he started his campaign and began to attend to the challenges of the people.

    The political activist stated that after he constructed a road for a community within the area, the MP had been actively fixing any problem that he promised to work on after it had been abandoned for quite some time.

    Speaking to his constituents during a campaign tour, A Plus narrated how his promises have coerced the incumbent MP in the constituency to attend to the plight of the people.

    “Due to the poor nature of the road in the area, for eight years no vehicle was going there. When I visited Bishop and he told me about the ordeal, I promised to fix the road and I did. A day afterwards the MP used the road meanwhile she said she couldn’t fix it unless the government. A few days later she brought a roofing sheet to the community to renovate the school. So she knew it yet it took me to do something before she acted out of pressure.

    “Another community had road issues so I promised to fix that one too then the following day she [the MP] brought machines to fix it. Another time I went to Akwahu and promised to complete their community centre, the moment I left they brought stones and sand to do it,” he said.

    A Plus reiterated that he would continue to make more promises to the people so that the MP would be pressured to heed their cries.

    “This means that the politicians can help resolve the challenges but they are intentionally ignoring it. As I have observed, I will continue to make more promises so that they will be compelled to attend to the issues.”


    A Plus declared his intention to contest for the Gomoa Central Parliamentary seat as an independent candidate in the 2024 general elections.

    He stated that he had done enough for the constituents to give him the nod to represent them in parliament.

    In a video shared by GhOne TV on their Twitter page and sighted by GhanaWeb, Kwame A Plus expressed optimism about his victory in the parliamentary elections and admonished potential aspirants to allow him to go unopposed to represent the Gomoa Central constituency in Parliament.

    “Come 2024, I’m not contesting NDC or NPP. I will unseat the MP in this area. Anyone who competes with me, I will defeat the person. I am very confident that I am going to win this seat,” he said.

    “It is very likely that in 2025 I will be the only independent candidate in Ghana’s parliament and that is what I want to do. This constituency is ours, if you want to contest we are waiting for you. If you come with money, sweet talks, or anything that the person brings, I will beat him/her. I have more influence than anyone. So whether NPP or NDC, no one should contest the seat coming 2025, they should allow me to go unopposed and go to parliament.

    “I don’t even want any competition. Anyone who wants to join me can share my ambition with me and maybe if I win, I can help the person to become DCE but to be MP in this constituency in 2024, no two ways about that I am going to win the election,” Kwame A Plus told the media.

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