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    Kaakie breaks silence on music hiatus rumors

    The UK-based singer and nurse sets the record straight in an exclusive interview on 3FmDrive.

    Ghanaian dancehall sensation, Kaakie, born Grace Kaki Awo Ocansey, has fervently dispelled rumors of her exit from the music scene.

    In an interview on 3FmDrive with Giovani & AJ Sarpong, the multifaceted artist clarified that there has been no official statement or write-up indicating a pause in her music career.

    “I never quit music. I have not stopped music, Kaakie emphatically declared during the interview. Addressing the swirling speculations surrounding her musical hiatus, she asserted, I didn’t put up any write-up; I didn’t say anything… I haven’t stopped music because I didn’t say I have.”

    The dancehall artist expressed amusement at stories suggesting she had stepped back from music. “But when I see the stories that I have stopped music, I just laugh because before I got married, I went to school. Will you say I stopped music to go to school?” Kaakie asked.

    In a noteworthy revelation, Kaakie announced her eagerly awaited comeback to the music scene. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her craft were palpable, leaving fans and followers anticipating the vibrant energy she is poised to bring back to the industry.

    As Kaakie prepares to reclaim her spot on the music stage, her resilience and dedication to her art shine through, debunking any misconceptions about her departure. The artist’s narrative stands as a testament to the complexities of balancing personal milestones, education, and an unwavering passion for music.

    Watch this space for Kaakie’s triumphant return to the rhythm and beats she holds dear.

    Watch full interview below: 

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