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    ‘Horrifying’ armed robbery attack shakes bus passengers on Kumasi to Accra route

    A nightmarish incident unfolded on the Kumasi to Accra route as passengers aboard a bus with registration number BW9090 experienced a harrowing armed robbery attack. Rev. Paul R.K. Sabla, an ex-prison officer, was among the unfortunate travellers caught in the terrifying ordeal.

    The incident occurred around 12 am when the bus made a routine stop at a filling station.

    According to Rev. Sabla, shortly after the bus resumed its journey towards Accra, gunshots shattered the stillness of the night.

    “I was tired and dozing off on the bus, suddenly got awakened by the robbery. The bus was reportedly at a location called Dumasi, heading towards Konongo, when it was intercepted by the robbers. Approximately 40 passengers on board were instructed to lie on the floor as the assailants, armed and dangerous, carried out a brazen robbery,” he said.

    In a chilling account of the event, Rev. Sabla expressed his shock and terror, emphasizing the deteriorating safety conditions in Ghana.

    He lamented that the country is no longer a safe haven and urged authorities to prioritize and enhance security measures to safeguard the lives and belongings of citizens.

    During the robbery, the perpetrators, believed to be armed robbers, looted the bus, taking away valuables from all passengers.

    Items such as phones, wristwatches, bags, purses, and other personal belongings were seized, leaving the victims traumatised and in a state of distress.

    The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for heightened security measures and vigilance on Ghana’s roads.

    The affected passengers are now grappling with the psychological aftermath of the traumatic experience, and Rev. Sabla’s call for improved security has resonated with many who share concerns about the rising insecurity in the country.

    Authorities have been urged to investigate the incident thoroughly, bring the perpetrators to justice, and take proactive steps to enhance security on major transportation routes to prevent such incidents in the future.


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