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    Who are we to judge; Funny Face has been through “hell and back” – Pascaline Edwards

    In an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana, renowned Ghanaian actress and fashion designer, Pascaline Edwards, expressed empathy and understanding for the financial challenges faced by fellow entertainer Funny Face.

    Edwards, a multiple award-winning actress known for her roles in numerous Ghanaian films, acknowledged that Funny Face has recently encountered numerous trials, suggesting that his current financial difficulties may be a consequence of the tough experiences he has undergone.

    Funny Face, whose real name is Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, recently revealed that he has not seen his daughters in four years due to financial constraints. Despite admitting to making mistakes in life, he pleaded with people to refrain from tarnishing his image to potential business partners as he actively seeks ambassadorial deals to improve his financial situation.

    Pascaline Edwards, having navigated the complexities of both life and the entertainment industry herself, asserted in the interview that she is not surprised by Funny Face’s financial struggles.

    She emphasised that the comedian has been through “hell and back,” alluding to a series of hardships that have left a lasting impact on his life.

    “I’m not surprised Funny Face is broke. Oh, his case is a very dicey one. The guy has gone through hell and back. So why won’t he be broke? He is trying to pick up the pieces. So yes, I’m not surprised at all that he is broke,” remarked Edwards.

    She further shared her own financial challenges, asserting, “Even me, I’m broke, but because I don’t say it, people think I’m okay… like I’m broke too. So if you have any help, kindly help me because I’m in the same boat with Funny Face.”

    Expressing concern about the criticism directed at Funny Face on social media, Pascaline Edwards urged the public to show gratitude that he is alive to share his struggles.

    She emphasized that those who haven’t experienced what he went through may not fully comprehend his situation, adding, “If you haven’t experienced what he went through before, you might probably think he is not serious. You could do worse if you are in his position.”


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