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    I am sorry, I admit some of your bills are wrong – ECG Boss

    The Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama, has acknowledged responsibility for billing discrepancies, attributing them to ongoing reforms within the company.

    Samuel Dubik Mahama outlined a number of reasons leading to the shortfalls in the ongoing high billing charges.

    “I agree that there has been an increase in people’s bills, I am at fault. There are a number of reasons to blame such as a number of metres haven’t been read, some haven’t been registered into the system, we accept blame for everything.

    Despite accepting blame, he points to recent government tariffs exceeding 70% as a significant factor contributing to the surge in electricity charges.

    “We accept blame for the current spikes in billing our consumers, this is as a result of the current digital reform we are undertaking,” Samuel Dubik stated.

    In an effort to address customer concerns, Dubik urged consumers to visit designated ECG offices for prompt resolution of billing challenges.

    However, he emphasised that consumers should also take responsibility for their energy conservation practices, including checking home wiring and earthing, factors that impact electricity consumption and subsequent bills.

    “The tariffs have gone up above 70 percent, hence the tariffs have a major role to play in these recent charges also the consumers’ energy conservation at home will also reflect how much you will pay, check the wiring, earthing and come over the office so we check the metre for you.”

    While Samuel Dubik encouraged customers to download the ECG app for streamlined issue resolution, he reiterated the importance of consumers actively participating in the process.

    “Download the app, click on the fix the bill on the top menu corner, send the metre reading, if it’s been a long time we have had a metre reading we can rectify it.”

    By using the app, customers can submit metre readings and follow necessary instructions to rectify billing discrepancies, especially if there has been a prolonged absence of meter readings.

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