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    YOLO cast abandon seriously ill ‘Drogba’?

    Actor John Bredu Peasah, fondly known as ‘Drogba‘ for his role in the hit series YOLO, has stirred social media as he appeals for assistance in his fight against demyelinating disease.

    Sharing his health struggles over recent years, the actor took to his official Instagram account to disclose his diagnosis with the demyelinating disease.

    Sister of famed actor John Peasah, widely known as Drogba from the YOLO series, Hannah Mensah sheds light on her brother’s health struggles after his diagnosis with a Demyelinating Disease.

    Drogba’s health ordeal commenced during a scene shoot in the final season of YOLO, manifesting in double vision and light sensitivity, rendering him unable to endure daylight or flashing lights.

    Sharing insights into his current condition, Hannah disclosed that Drogba remains confined to his home, undergoing regular medical treatments.

    Medical professionals have conducted tests, including eye fluid extractions, to identify the root cause of his symptoms, with results pending.

    For the past two and a half years, Drogba has been undergoing treatment, but the lack of public support from his fellow cast members, including Aaron Adatsi (Cyril), Quuenstar Anaafi (Emily), Makafui Fella (Serwaa), and others, has sparked surprise and concern among fans and the wider audience.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, a demyelinating disease is any condition that causes damage to the protective covering that surrounds nerve fibres in one’s brain, the nerves leading to the eyes and spinal cord.


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