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    Kokofu Group Back Calls for Mahama to be Disqualified over Lying

    A group of New Patriotic Party adherents in Kokofu, Ashanti Region, have rallied behind a call to have former President John Mahama removed from the 2024 presidential ballot over accusation that he has become a chronic liar.

    The group, ‘Friends of the Truth,’  say they agree with a former constituency executive of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that former President John Mahama’s proclivity for lies and untruth make him unfit for the highest office of the land.

    “The request to the Electoral Commission for Mr. John Mahama to be removed from the 2024 presidential ballot over his penchant for lying, is in order and we are wholly for it,” the group’s spokesman said.

    According to Mr. O.H. Owusu, it is important that, “way to the highest office of the land is paved for only the most morally upright amongst us.”

    Mr. Owusu had given the backing while speaking with journalists at a youth programme in Kokofu, in the Ashanti Region. He spoke on behalf of the Friends of the Truth which had held the program.

    The backing is for a call that was made by Mr. Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshoake, a former Tema East constituency executive of the opposition NDC, for the Electoral Commission to disqualify Mr. Mahama over his penchant for lies and equivocation.

    In that open request, Mr. Ashitey Adjei, who is popularly called Moshake, had cited Mr. Mahama’s completely false claim that Ghana is the most indebted country in the world and that SHS graduates from Ghana write a substandard version of the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations.

    According to the Friends of the Truth group, it is imperative that Mr. Mahama be disqualified because the lies he tells are not only illustrative of his moral deficits, but that they put the name of Ghana into disrepute and even hurt the economy.

    “How can anyone who wants to rule this country be the one out there trying to discredit our children’s intelligence by lying that they write a substandard version of the WASSCE; and does Mr. Mahama understand that when you say negative things about the economy, there are repercussions?” Mr. H.O Owusu asked rhetorically.

    Further, he accused Mr. Mahama of nearly plunging Ghana into chaos by claiming that he had won the 2020 elections when he had not.

    “He also lied that he was not being paid his entitlements as a former president only for documents showing that he has been receiving all his entitlements, to surface on social media. “Such a character has forfeited his right to govern as president.”

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