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    Anita Akuffo Proudly Shows Off Her Make-up Free Face For The First Time

    Multiple Award winning media personality, Anita Akua Akuffo has finally decided to show off her natural face.

    In a video that was shared via her IG page, Anita was showing off her new hair which made her look very pretty.

    Anita is among the celebrities in Ghana who rarely show their natural faces. This has often created the impression that she doesn’t have a nice face hence the reason she is always in full makeup.

    Well, Anita has proved her haters wrong as her natural face is smooth and even nicer than when she puts on makeup.

    A few months ago, Anita opened up on how she dealt with an ex-boyfriend who almost made her not follow her passion.

    In a post on her IG stories, Anita revealed how she wanted to partake in the Miss Malaika Pageant when she was level 200 at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

    According to her, she always wanted to pursue a career in Television and saw Miss Malaika as the perfect way to get closer to her dream.

    But after discussing it with her boyfriend, he was vehemently opposed to the idea. She even went ahead to tell him about all the benefits she will gain by partaking in the pageant but he is still agreed.

    He went as far as asking her to choose between pursuing her career and him. As a brave woman who knew what she wanted, Anita decided to choose her career and went ahead to audition for the Miss Malaika Pageant.

    Today, that decision has opened several doors for her including bagging several ambassadorial deals.

    Anita went ahead to advice young women to be with people who support their dreams.

    See her no makeup video below;


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